Joe Ori

New York’s recent legalization may have been the straw to break the camel’s back.


Only 17 states have legalized cannabis on a recreational level. Since there are 50+ states, it suggests there’s a long way to go. But what that also means is that 43% of the US population lives in a state where they can readily access cannabis products. …

You could have the best idea, the most funds, and a faulty culture could mean the end of your promising startup

Not enough entrepreneurs consider, at least in the beginning, how to build the right organizational culture. Some entrepreneurs prioritize the idea, the product, or the technology. Others pump up the volume on sales, social media, or e-commerce. All of those things are important. …

Don’t believe the hype. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and ages — not just young and hip.

Joe Ori

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The narrative in popular media is clear. With a few high profile exceptions, successful entrepreneurs are portrayed as young and hip. I could go further and say white and male, but that’s another article, so we’ll stick with young and hip.

It’s all hoodies and jeans…

If you can’t create a workable business plan and execute on it, even the best, most innovative ideas aren’t worth much.

Joe Ori

I have had so many people come to me with truly great ideas. I mean, market disruptors, things that people would gravitate to right now with open arms. But they end up dead in the water, so to speak, because I don’t have time to mold the clay, to be…

You can talk your way into an opportunity, just be prepared to back it up.

A long time ago I read that Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, carried a stack of different business cards in his pocket when he was first starting out. He was the president, vice president…

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the cannabis industry with a huge opportunity — if companies can adapt quickly to marketplace shifts and consumer demands.

Photography by Six Labs

Recently I shared my perspective on what the coronavirus could mean for our industry, how the cannabis industry would fare during the pandemic, and how public attitudes might shift in response to the outbreak.

Obviously having state governments recognize cannabis as an essential business is proof that we’ve built an…

Joe Ori

Trial Lawyer, Cannabis Advocate, Entrepreneur. Father of four. Doing “the right thing,” my way. 😎

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